May 15-18 Everything Saws for the Fire Service: Atlanta, Georgia (MAFFC) Register

June 15 The Truck Company Officer: Horneytown, North Carolina Register

August 21 Everything Saws for the Fire Service: Raleigh, North Carolina (SAFRE) Register

We are still adding to our schedule and looking for host departments. Contact us today.



We are currently working on our schedule and looking for host departments. Contact us today.

Everything Saws for the Fire Service

Presented by: Julio Ramos, FSOC

Format: 8hr HOT

With the increased hiring of firefighters with limited or no trade experience, this class was formulated to suit their training needs in regards to fire service saws.  This class is also a great refresher for seasoned firefighters.  Everything Saws For The Fire Service will go over maintenance and trouble shooting on gas and electric powered saws.  The class will also entail a hands on portion in different skills stations, concentrating on body mechanics.  Firefighters will be more confident in using saws in different applications at the end of this class.

May 15-18, 2019 (MAFFC)

August 21, 2019 (SAFRE)


The Truck Company Officer

Presented by: OJ Kolodziej, Magic City Truck Academy

Format: 8hr Lecture

OJ will dive into decision making in the areas of Search and Rescue, Ventilation, Forcible Entry, and Truck Placement. This course is designed for those who currently ride the right front seat of a truck company, those who aspire to do so, or anyone who may make decisions in these areas on their fireground.

Lunch will be provided on site with this class. Due to the high demand for this class, tickets will be required for entry and will be available beginning on March 8th at 6pm.

June 15, 2019 Horneytown, North Carolina